Preservation Society - Charity Number 1095946


Rebuilt 2021

Venus is thought to be the oldest surviving traditional sailing north east coast coble. A six plank pilot coble built in 1900 she worked from Hartlepool, taking pilots out to ships heading for the Tees and guiding them safely into port. She was restored in 1994 by the late Dr Dave Kipling before passing to the Hartlepool Borough Council (HBC) as a future exhibit.

Negotiations between HBC and the Bridlington Sailing Coble Preservation Society (BSCPS) penned a museum transfer agreement which saw her heading for a new life in Bridlington. Restoration took place during the later half of 2021 by John Clarkson and his enthusiastic volunteers from the BSCPS in the Beck Hill workshop. Her traditional black hull identifying a pilot boat has been retained and has been returned to as originally built.

With acknowledges to the original article by Paul Arro