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Bridlington Sailing Coble Festival 2024

The dates for the annual festival have been agreed: Saturday June 29th and Sunday June 30th 2024. With an “unofficial sailing day” on Friday June 28th.
Visiting craft are expected and the Harbour Vessel Maintenance Facility will be manned by Exhibitors and Vendors displaying all things maritime for the public to see.

The Bridlington Sailing Coble Preservation Society (BSCPS) is a registered charity in England number 1095946

The aims of the Society are to preserve the sailing cobles of the North East and Yorkshire Coast, to maintain them and sail the boats regularly out of Bridlington for the benefit of sailing members and the view of the visiting holidaymakers.

Membership subscriptions and donations contribute to the operation of the Society, including maintenance of our vessels. The working members are all volunteers and aim to preserve cobles to be a part of the historic sailing vessels based in Bridlington. Using original techniques and gained knowledge, project boats are refitted and usually substantial repairs have to be undertaken to restore them to a seaworthy condition Most are incomplete when they arrive and noteably sails, mast(s) and other chandlery have to be sourced and purchased.

Sailing Times 2024

As a sailing member you have the opportunity to maintain and sail the Three Brothers, the Gratitude and the Gansey Lass (weather, sea conditions and crew permitting).

Please meet at the Harbour Blue Hoist at least 15 minutes before the sailing time to get crews on board and help get the cobles ready for sailing.

Additional sails are advertised on the Friends of the Bridlington Sailing Coble Preservation Society Facebook page as they are usually arranged 'last minute' depending on weather, sea conditions and crew availability