Preservation Society - Charity Number 1095946


Harbour Museum

Visit the historic Bridlington Harbour and its Heritage Museum
Browse through artifacts and displays: items have been donated by the Bridlington Harbour Commissioners, the Society and the public.
Knowledgeable volunteers staff the museum and we offer a selection of reasonably priced souvenirs to remind you of a happy day in Bridlington.
The museum is centrally situated on Harbour Road, close to the Crane Wharf area.

Opening Times

Opening Times are Wednesday to Sunday between 11.00am and 2.00pm from Easter until the end of October.
Other times can be arranged by contacting the Society Secretary.

Beck Hill Warehouse

When not out sailing, members can be found at the Beck Hill Workshop.
Volunteers under the supervision of the master boatbuilder John Clarkson and other seasoned and senior members refurbish vessels for the society.
Skilled tradesmen, joiners and engineers work alongside those from a variety of backgrounds.

Here, using traditional skills and crafts, boats are assessed for damage and rotten material removed and skillfully rebuilt.
Larch is the timber used for the strakes (planks) and fastened in place with copper nails and roves. Oak is used for the timbers and floors (ribs and frames) and knees for the thofts
The Oak used for frames and knees are secured with copper, bronze and brass fittings.
The masts and the cotton sails are often missing from the as received boat
and these have to be sourced from specialist suppliers and made bespoke to the individual coble.

Once completely refitted and having succesfully passed sailing trials at sea the boats will become part of the Society and join other traditional craft in the harbour.

The Beck Hill boat shed is a working environment and as such subject to Health and Safety provisions
therefore not accessible to the general public without prior arrangement.
However when work is in progress an external view can be seen from Beck Hill through the main doors.
A volunteer will usually be on hand to engage the curious in conversation, see what we are up to and answer any questions.
We finance all these activities from the society purse, which in turn relies on you the public for donations.

Vessel Maintenance Facility (VMF) Bridlington Harbour Commissioners

Large cobles, greater than we can accommodate at Beck Hill are maintained in this facility at Clough Hole owned by the Bridlington Harbour Commissioners.