Preservation Society - Charity Number 1095946

Gansey Lass


Built 2014

Built side by side with “Free Spirit” in 2014 by John Clarkson and Joe Gelsthorpe in Bridlington, this was a self-funded project to show the art of coble building had not been lost. Both cobles are identical and 26 foot in length they were built specifically as sailing cobles.

These were the first sailing cobles to be built in the UK since 1976 when Gratitude was built. Using the traditional method of construction with larch planks (strakes) and oak frames (timbers) was used and rigged with a dipping-lug mainsail and jib.

Bought in 2017 by the Bridlington Sailing Coble Preservation Society with a donation from the Tesco local community grant scheme. The coble was previously named “Misnomer” when launched on the 12th September 2014.